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These 45 Drone Photographs Will Change The Way You Have Been Looking At The World

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The most beautiful thing in the world is the WORLD itself. People often ask us to stop every now and then. To just stop and cherish the beauty of Nature. To calm ourselves and appreciate every bid offered by life. But with a hectic life, one doesn’t get to enjoy the beauty of the mother nature much.

Yet, thanks to the advancement in technology and the invention of Drone, that has helped us capture some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Even if you are not a nature lover, these astonishing images are worth having a look at. Not many of us really knew that this universe is a beautiful place to live in.

Find here some of the rarest pictures captured which will leave you wondering and appreciating the beautiful world. You will definitely feel that you have been missing a lot…

That’s A Highway

If you think that this is a photoshopped image, then sorry to disappoint you, but this is one of the highways in Romania. This extended highway connects Romania to the states around. It owes its beauty to the tall, lush trees which standby in colors of red, mauve and yellow. When autumn sets in, it’s a yellow land. Imagine driving up on this road and being surrounded by such a scenic beauty.

Pack your bags, this is probably the most beautiful highway to go up for a long drive with your partner.

Not A Foreign Planet

Surely one needs to have a careful look at this photo to understand what it has captured. No, it’s not a swinging highway or something but is a pictured captured at a particular angle by the famous Turkish drone photographer, Aydın Büyüktaş. What appears to be a land that has recently faced a volcano eruption is actually the red hills of a remote highway that stretches all the way across the beautiful land of Arizona.

This is the absolutely baffling side of Nature. It seems to be a part of the hottest planet Mercury may be!

A Lava River

Drones surely have changed the way we look at the world. This image captured by another drone is spectacular. Humans would else have not thought of capturing any such scene, rather one would have not been able to make up till here and catch this sight through the naked eye. Thanks to the drone that have provided us the visual of a lava river. Well, that’s not exactly a lava river but is the volcanic lava passing between the two mountains.

That’s a steaming hot lake of fire. A perfect blend of colors from the sky, Iceland, and the fireball.

The Blue Eye

It completely depends upon your individual perspective, how you look at this image. To some, it might be a blue-eyed, while others might think of it to be a hole in the Earth’s surface, a green woven carpet bearing a hole in the middle. This is a natural landscape. It is another drone capture from Sweden. A water lagoon surrounded by lush green forests. The mystical blue water body looks absolutely mesmerizing. No doubts, the world is yet less explored and is beautiful.

Pink Salt Lake

Even if it appears you to be a little feminine, this sight will make you fall in love with the color Pink. Many of would disregard it to be a fake image or a dream world, but people, this landscape is in real. South Australia is a home to one of the most beautiful landscapes-The Pink Salt Lakes. Yes, you read that right. These are pink colored water bodies exclusive to Australia. This picture was captured by a drone enthusiast Cameron Puglisi who is based in Adelaide.

Multi-Level Downtown

All of us hate getting stuck up in the traffic. Yet, this picture looks astonishing when it’s in the busiest hour. This is a multi-level downtown interchange in Shanghai, China. While the precision of the drone that captured this shot is praiseworthy, the engineers who designed the plan of such a structure deserves a pat at the back too. A country that is nearing the population of nearly 24 million deserves such kind of plans. Kudos to such brilliant heads!

Definitely An Illusion

This will appear to be an illusion to many. A drought land and a lake? Definitely, these two things never go together. But it does at the Burke Lake in Virginia. This picture is termed as the ‘Cracked Mud Boating’ and is clicked by the drone photographer Milo Allerton. Undoubtedly, mother nature never fails to surprise us.

Abrupt Landing

It is really surprising to find an airplane landing like this in the middle of the deep-dark jungle. And its condition surely confirms that this plane has been here since long as evident from the overgrown bushes around it. While you are trying to wrap your heads around it, let us inform you that, this buried aircraft is a Boeing 727 and not only this, but it is also a home. This unused plane has been converted into a fully furnished house owned by Bruce Campbell. These are the dense woods surrounding Portland, Oregon.

Don’t you feel like owning something this crazy for once in life?

Magnificent Amongst Clouds

Barcelona, Spain has preserved its culture and history in the most dignified manner. And this picture further concretes this fact. The city’s Sagrat Cor Church stands tall above the streets of Barcelona. Its turret is as high as it is surrounded by clouds all over. Thanks to the drone photographer who served us such a pleasing sight on the plates.

This is a treat to watch like Jesus is spreading his blessings from heaven!

Not Exactly A Miniature

The Republic of Abkhazia is not what many people have heard of. Back in the 1990’s the region of Abkhazia saw widespread devastation and killing. To save their lives from the attacks many places were abandoned within a night. Since then, the region has been deprived of the population and is isolated. However, surprisingly nature played its role, and many buildings are now covered with bushes and trees. This picture is of one such Chapple that has overgrown with plants.

Looking like a tiny house, this picture is a pleasing one!

River Rush In Iceland

Appearing to be an oil painting, these are the natural occurrences in Delta River in Iceland. This shot was taken by the photographer Max Foster for his album titled “Elemental”. This was the aerial view taken from a height of nearly 1500 ft. What looks like mud is actually foam from a river. Wow!

Home In Sky

Imagine that these huts located on top of an erect hill are a home to somebody. Scared? Though it must be tough to manage with the food and other things, this Katskhi Pillar which is located in the western region of Georgia is now a famous Georgian church. Not only this but the natural extension of a rock is also residing the local monk named Maxime who is 59 years old. He receives food from his followers twice a week who need to use a ladder approximately 131ft in length to reach up to there.


This seems to be a heavenly photograph. Well, this is a sight from one of Europe’s highest waterfalls namely Mardalsfossen waterfall in Romsdal, Norway. The water falls from a height of 1,175 ft which appears as if foam and fog are cascading downward. Moreover, the clouds add to the beauty of the entire scene.

This definitely was a must capture one!

What A Dive

Before you get baffled by this image, you must appreciate three things. The human attempting that dive, the beautiful waterfall and the technology i.e., the drone. The timing of this capture was just perfect. This is a prize-winning photograph when this 60-year-old man owned the world record holder for the Guinness waterfall diving. This dive was attempted at China’s Yellow River.

Isn’t it very calming and soothing sight? Or is it a dreadful one?


The man you can see in green on that exorbitantly high altitude is a climber climbing the mountain peak in Kalbyris forest Denmark. This image was awarded the first prize in the International Drone Footage photography 2016 awards. How did the photographer come up with the idea of capturing something this high from such a height!

Soar So High

Eagles are known to be the king of the birds. Their aggression and positioning are seen to be just as tall as the sky. These birds soar high up in the sky like they own this world. This drone captured a magnificent sight of this majestic bird. Even if this creature ended up coming in between this shot, it surely is adding a spark to this image.

Sunset And Glass

Indeed, Acrophobia is what these men have nailed. Their job is something they need to do at any hour of the day. But cleaning the glass during the sunset must be what they would be looking forward to in the day. How beautiful the sunset looks while it falls over this glass pane. As if all the colors of the sky have blended to form something resembling a beautifully colored painting. This site is from a building situated in the heart of the Moscow city.

Pure Bliss

This vibrant image is a prize-winning one. It won the second prize in the People category of 2017’s International Drone Photography Contest. Submitted by Helios 1412, this image captures a woman harvesting the water lilies. The lilies are being planted in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Such a pleasing sight this is.

Star Fort

Dutch Fort in Holland is always known for its amazing architecture both, interiors and for the exteriors. This fort was not in use for a long time and now is converted into a historical monument sight located in the small town of Holland. It is a remarkable fact that the trees grown on the outer boundary of the fort are complementing the start shaped walls.

Phenomenal Capture

This is a mind-blowing sight to be captured. It seems as if the water has escaped from one part of the river and is flowing at its best on the other side. Don’t forget to look at the two men driving a scooter over this bridge in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are the lucky ones who got to witness this beauty with their eyes.

The Lotus Temple

Situated in the metropolitan city of New Delhi, India is the elaborately spread The Lotus Temple. The temple is designed by an Iranian architect in the shape of the lotus flower. The top view is a beautiful one where one can find the petals of the flower embracing the entire space. However, due to some religious practices drone photography is now prohibited in that area, thus, this picture becomes a more valuable one.

Mexico City

One of the densely populated in the Western Hemisphere is the Mexico City. It inhabits an ever-rising population of 21 million. This picture snaps the thousands of houses being constructed in a random manner over that space. Till the very corner of the image, all one will find are the “n” number of houses.

Not Ants but Camel

Shot by Abdullah Alnassar, this is an incredible photograph. The aerial view is of the large sand dunes from Saudi Arabia. If you have a closer look at the image, you will realize that the white line is actually the white camels passing by. Have a look at the shadow of the camels.

Quack Quack

What appears to be the land of ducks, is actually one. In Vietnam people have this common practice of raising ducks. This shot has frozen a moment when a man was strolling through his duck farm. If one starts to count the number of ducks this man owns, they surely will end up in feathers. This man deserves the title “Duck Man”.

Rare Photo from the War

Though history never excites us, some shots from the war times surely do. This image dates to the days of the civil war in Syria. While the country was destructed due to a mass fire around, a drone captured it then. Tanks broke into the city and fired shots leading to dust bursting out in the air. At the same time, one can even see the widespread devastation the war caused in the entire region that surrounded it.

Dream Fairy Land

Perfect green land, with the hills in the backdrop, the houses with colorful rooftops. And the autumn type of trees might sound like a land of dreams. If you want to live the life in this fairyland than book your tickets and fly all the way to Santa Maddalena in Italy. It is sheer beauty.

The Dead Sea

Wondering what exactly is this landscape? This is apart from the reportedly shrinking Dead Sea. The drone photographer Tzvika Stein clicked this shot of the water body. The crystal-clear water in a dead land is a sight we would have never been able to see so close elsewhere.

What A Fall

Love that sound and power of flowing water? Then your eyes need to find this location. The Cascada de Tamul waterfall known for its turquoise waters is a 300-m wide waterfall. This natural formation is a result of the two rivers. The Gallinas River and the Santa Maria River. Doesn’t it look like a waterfall in a cauliflower shape?

True Beauty

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal was built as a remembrance gift. King Shah Jahan made the white monument for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Located at the banks of Yamuna River, this historical monument situated in Agra, India is a calming sight. The intricate stonework on the white marble is what attracts people to it.

Fields Of Wonder

Initially, it looks like as if a tractor was rolling over a multi-colored towel. But these are the fields in South Holland, The Netherlands. Capturing farming techniques from a bird’s-eye view makes for a snap-worthy shot. These fields are so colorful and at the same time unique to the native land.

Mirage Spirals


Robert Smithson created one of the beautiful works of the Spiral Jetty which is an earthwork sculpture. This looks as if white sands and water are together. Or maybe it is a mirage over the sand surface. It is a dynamic site with various landforms captured in a single picture.

Did you even know that something like this even exists?

Perfect Coordination

What seems to be a shot from a printed blue-cloth is actually a shot from the lobster-breeding farm in the Phu Yen province of Vietnam. This is a perfect example to showcase how gorgeous results could be if done in a coordinated manner.

Home Alone

Not that the area was struck by flood or waters, this is Alexandria Bay, a coastal body situated in New York. It lies near the border of Canada and United States. This picture was shot by a renowned drone photographer named Justen Soule in the year 2017. What makes this picture wonderful is that in the autumn season the sun rays reflect perfectly over this house which makes it a colorful treat to eyes. This house is what a fairyland must be looking like.


This is not a shot of a painting but is a stunning image showcasing the Melissani cave on the Greek island of Cephalonia. Snapped from a height of 1350 ft, the picture blends all the natural colors amazingly. The greens and blues and the sunbeams is a great blend.

Marigold Rounds

 Many of us have played the merry-go-round in the childhood days. These men here are working in those marigold- fields and roaming in around in each row. This soothing image is from Asia’s marigold fields. The bright saffron color flowers from a height look like oranges growing on bushes.

Waves And Waves

This is a picturesque shot. How beautifully one after the other the waves crash against each other and Kudos to the man swimming in such a sea. When the tides are at its peak this brave man was swimming his best. What a thrilling experience it must have been while in those waters at that moment. Don’t forget to appreciate the presence of the drone photographer at the right time.

Stairs To Heaven

Oh No, don’t assume that these are actually the staircase to Heaven. Rather this is a long stairway which leads to a calming beach in Algarve, Portugal. This must be a secret route to reach out to the beach. Walking along this stairway might be a more romantic walk than walking on those sands.

That Symmetry

This picture would make you praise the timings when it was clicked. A calm beach with two women sunbathing and equally calm two manta rays approaching them. For some unknown reason, this is a well-balanced and a symmetrical image, as if the creatures were asked to pose like that.

WWII Shipwreck

I am quite sure, that a shipwreck would have never calmed your soul like this one. Though it’s all in pieces and is broken, the way it floats on the blue water surrounded with lush green trees makes it a complete picture. This shipwreck belongs to World War II and was found in Coron in the Philippines.

Trip To Remember

Every couple has this dream of driving on an empty highway in a classic car with the man or a woman of their dreams. And this couple is definitely living that dream by driving in a Ford Mustang Convertible on the Route 66. This reminds us of a movie scene where the camera is perfectly rolled to the aerial angle to snap such a shot.


Beaches are often called the Best Escape Anyone Can Have. And when a beach is as breath-taking as this one, who wouldn’t want to visit it. The tall coconut trees and the unlimited tan from the sun shining over the soothing beach of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is a place one needs to rush to.

Relaxing Tanzania

You will be surprised to know that image is not from an island but is a National Park situated in the west remote Region of Tanzania. This is Mahale Mountains National Park which is across the Lake Tanganyika. This water body is one of the deepest lakes of the world. One fact which makes this place even an adventurous one is that one can land here only by water or air.

Salt Canopies

For a strange reason, these salt canopies look very pleasing to the eyes. Salt fields are what makes Bac Lieu a popular place. This place is often termed as the “Salt-basket” of Mekong Delta. Sea salt is filtered here on the fields which are divided into rows. When the sunlight falls on the heaps of salt it appears as stars are shining over the surface.

Whale Watching

Rarely do we get to see a whale this close to us. Known as the largest mammals the drone has managed clicked this picture at the best hour. This snorkeler must not be aware that if he keeps on swimming, it will take him to a magnificent creature. The size of the whale undoubtedly is huge. What if this man crashes into the whale?

Polar Land

In the land of glaciers, one will find ice all around. Even till the very corner of the eye what one will see would be white land that is nothing but the freezing cold ice. Quite amazingly, the drone photographer has clicked this picture of a polar bear crossing two ice glaciers. The bear appears to be a bridge that is bridging the two pieces of ice.