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Different Types Of Marketing Jobs You Can Opt For

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Marketing is the mediator between increasing brand awareness and the development of a product or service. There are many different types of marketing job vacancies in Bangalore, if one is going to make a career in this field, they must be aware of some types. A career in marketing includes many different roles like digital marketing positions to traditional marketing positions like TVs, billboards, and radio marketing. Specific industry knowledge is required by different marketing careers depending on the role like consumer behavior, sales, market research, competitive analysis, etc.

Common types of Marketing Jobs

Marketing Specialist: It is the most common type of job in marketing. Creating and designing of marketing campaigns to support the growth of the company’s products and services is done by marketing specialists. Market trend research is also part of their job to determine the demand for the type of products and services by customers.

Social Media Manager: Social Media marketing campaigns are managed by these people, they ensure that social media content is updated regularly with relevant content. Brand awareness is part of their job as well as creating leads and sales. They also track and record trending materials on social media to adjust their efforts likewise

Search Engine Optimization Specialist: Their responsibility is to improve search engine rankings for the company’s website. Selection of appropriate keywords to target their search engine optimizing efforts and optimization of websites using SEO knowledge is what they do. They make sure that the design of the website enhances User experience, writing keyword centric contents are also part of the job description.

Email Marketing Manager: Marketing of products or services by the means of email marketing campaigns is what they do. They manage the list of email recipients along with it create marketing materials to be sent to customers. Measuring the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign and making changes to the future ones is the responsibility of the email marketing manager.

Web Content Writer: They master in providing content for websites. Their goal is to increase the number of visitors to the website by targeting specific keywords that are directly related to the products or services of the company.

Web Producer: Creation and implementation of digital content on the website are what they look into. Working with the content writing team they decide which contents must appear on the website. They also create graphic, audio, and video content with the ultimate goal being to provide a great experience to users of the website.

Product Manager: Overseeing the development of a product from start to end. Building products from existing ideas, and developing new ideas based on experience and contacts is their primary job. Product development is completed on schedule and is within the budget is checked by the product manager. They also work towards increasing profits from existing products and developing new ones.

Marketing Analyst: They study and evaluate market trends and report the findings to the marketing manager. The examination of buying trends to help create marketing plans is done by them. Their main goal is to see which product or service to sell and how to sell.

There are many more types and marketing job vacancies in Delhi apart from the ones discussed in this article like Brand Manager, PR Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, eCommerce Manager, etc. Some qualities a person in the marketing job must have are creativity, energy, intuition, listening skills, storytelling, and most importantly team-work.