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Foods You Never Know Were Rich In Protein

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There are diets you never know were rich sources of protein. However, your daily dosage of regular sources of protein is not all that can be enjoyed. Protein diets are building blocks of life. The body cells rejuvenate and increase because of our protein consumption. So they have health benefits and boost energy.

Greek Yoghurt

Approximately, there are ten grams of protein in a 100g serving of Greek yogurt. Apart from the delightful taste of cold Greek yogurt; the ingredients build muscles. People crave Greek Yoghurt because of its rich content of probiotic bacteria and calcium. However, many of these consumers don’t know it’s rich in protein.

Sprouted Whole-Grain Bread

You regular brown or white bread is high in carbohydrate while sprouted whole grain bread is higher in proteins. A slice of the latter contains an average of 7g per serving. Apart from the grains, there are nutrients like protein and folate-filled lentils in sprouted whole-grain bread.

Wheat Germ

A tablespoon serving of wheat germ contains about three grams of protein. The bodybuilding nutrient, vitamins and other essential minerals in wheat germ make the diet highly nutritious. A breakfast of cereal or smoothies should contain a sufficient quantity of wheat germ.


More than a half-a-dozen number of nutrients are in broccoli. Many consumers know broccoli as a cruciferous vegetable but not one that contains protein. However, there are more proteins in spicy steaks and other vegetables. The protein in broccoli is fat-free and combines with antioxidants for consumers’ health benefits.

Spanish Chorizo

By consuming Spanish Chorizo; you are avoiding fat and gaining protein too. Approximately, there are 11 grams of protein per 45 grams of Spanish Chorizo. A delicious way to consume this unexpectedly high protein sausage is by adding it to your meals.

Gruyere Cheese

You can enjoy high protein foods from Gruyere Cheese and achieve weight loss. Apart from the nutritious body-building nutrient; Gruyere cheese contains antioxidant resveratrol and vitamin A. A decent serving of four dices of Gruyere Cheese is sufficient for your daily intake of protein.


Halibut is a flatfish that has an increasing demand in the marketplace because of its protein. Apart from ranking high in the Satiety Index of Common Foods; Halibut is unexpectedly higher in proteins than your regular fish diets.


Artichokes are veggies with high volumes of protein and fiber. Apart from maintaining weight loss; artichokes contain twice the amount of fiber in kale and a higher protein count after broccoli.

Peanut Butter

Butter is a typical carrier of hydrogenated fats. However, a tablespoon of peanut butter contains over 3 grams of muscle-building protein. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; peanuts butter with healthy fats prevent coronary artery and cardiovascular diseases.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

There are about six grams of protein in a cup of sun-dried tomatoes. Apart from repairing body tissues, the protein in sun-dried tomatoes enhances the taste of salads. In most Italian restaurants, chefs add sun-dried tomatoes as toppings for pizza. More so, the satiating protein in sun-dried tomatoes contain vitamins K and A.