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Inventions That Will Delight You In Ways You Never Thought Possible

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There have been countless inventions made by humans on this earth. Some of these inventions and ideas have proven to be quite useless while some have revolutionized how we lead our everyday lives. They have certainly made our daily lives more effortless and served convenience to a lot of issues we face. Some of the inventions you are about to read have taken some existing inventions up a notch, some are brilliant while some are just plain confusing…

Umbrella Cupholder

Have you ever wanted to grab a hold of your coffee whilst maintaining your umbrella as you stand in the rain? Well, worry no more, because this invention allows you to hold both your umbrella and coffee using just one hand.

An Onion Holder

This invention is going to save a lot of people in the kitchen. We all know how prone we are to cut our fingers when we chop veggies, especially onions. This onion holder is like a comb that holds the onion firm making it effortless to cut.

Baby Stroller/Scooter Hybrid

This invention is called the Roller Buggy. It combines a stroller and a scooter. This would make it very easy for people to babysit and run errands quickly with no need for worrying about either one.

Rotating/ Interchangeable Power Strip Outlets

This invention would be perfect in the office. The constant need to pull our power plugs and wait for each other to finish charging our phones could be eliminated.

Hourglass Traffic Lights

This is an invention of  Yanko Designs that will make every traffic frustration come to rest. The hourglass helps you understand just how long it would take the green light to turn red or vice versa.

Pizza Scissors

Pizza scissors are way more practical than pizza cutters. This invention of the 21st century is surely one of the most beloved, especially for pizza lovers. We all know how long it takes to slice pizzas with regular cutters. A pizza lover might say “That’s my invention” because we have all thought of this one before.

Smart Contact Lenses For Diabetics

This invention is a genius idea that detects the amount of glucose by examining the tears. It alarms the person of any type of imbalance and can save many people with diabetes to remain alert.

Faucet Thermometer

The faucet thermometer is one of the most important inventions in this list. Now we can all relax and leave it for the thermometer to let us know about the temperature the bathroom water is. It is undoubtedly one of the best inventions to come our way after 2010.

Reusable Candles

This simple invention is certainly one of the most creative ones. It is easy to have an invention like this actually. If you ever get sick of buying candles over and over again, this reusable candle is the perfect thing to get as it refills itself with the same candle.

LED Slippers

We all know someone who needs these LED slippers. There is always that one friend or family member who gets into minor accidents in the dark. Give these slippers as a thoughtful present.

Umbrella Bag

Many women would love this bag. It is obvious that women, more particularly, the older women love all things multipurpose. Isn’t this umbrella bag just the best for them?

Lego Key Holder

We all know how unappealing and confusing it gets when we place our keys in a bowl. These lego key holders are not only practical but also look pretty cool. Yes, and clean too.

Lockable Mug

You can know shield your mug from being stolen using this coffee mug that locks itself. Only the owner has access to it leaving it useless for other to even steal.

Ice Cream Lock

Some people get quite sentimental when it comes to their ice cream. So this invention came into being. Now no one can steal your ice cream as you can lock it up using this genius invention.

Mirror Mist Wiper

When we take a hot shower or warm bath, mist collects in our mirrors. So now we can all clear the bathroom mirror quick and easy using this mirror mist wiper just like cars have.

Baby Bath Umbrella Hat

We all know how cranky babies get when shampoo or soap gets into their eyes. Fear not, for the baby bath umbrella hat has come to the rescue. This will surely reduce crying babies during bath time.

Bottle Opener Ring

Every millennial need one ring; this ring. It is a bottle opener that you can wear on your ring. Now you can actually be on demand at parties where just about anyone needs you to open their beer bottles.

Twisted Fork For Grip

It is common for everybody to spill a few strands of spaghetti while dining. This could be blamed on the forks too. However, this new wavy fork maintains the noodles from dropping like in regular forks.

Water Sterilizer For Your Fresh Foods

WOW, Water Sterilizer uses the phenomenon of electrolysis to get rid of germs in fruits, vegetables, baby toys, etc. Now people who have high-level allergies to dust and dirt or germophobes can breathe in peace.

Laser Bike Lane

Cyclists can now avoid being hit by cars that do not see them or blind spots that they sometimes cannot avoid. This invention would save many lives of cyclists and ensure their safety to a higher level.

Coffee Cup With Compartment To Catch Drips

Kim Keun Ae is a Korean designer who has invented a way to avoid coffee drips from mugs or cups. There is a tiny compartment that collects these drips leaving no space for coffee stains on tables.

Ironing Board Mirror

This mirror/iron board combi is perfect for the people who are conscious with their looks/ outfits. This clever invention allows you to instantly iron your clothes and check for any double lines or missed spots. It would indeed save a lot of time.

Flask Tie

This Flasktie is perfect for long meeting and dull conferences. Now you can enjoy drinking your favorite juice or beverage while being stuck in board meetings. Just make sure its alcohol free at work.

Inflatable Backseat Mattress

We all want to travel and discover places but do not have the means to rent hotel rooms like some people. Now, this problem can be avoided by getting these inflatable backseat mattresses that allow you to sleep during travels eliminating the cost of hotels or resorts.

Solo Sauna

This is a $200 invention that offers you all the spa treatment you would expect in high-end hotels. It is portable so you do not have to worry about carrying it around.

Cat Crib

Cats love to creep in under your feet and place themselves there. This car crib allows cats to stay under seats so that they need not claw your feet every time they want space.

Anti-Theft Sandwich

These Deterrent Moldy Sandwich Bags contain green stains on them so you do not ever have to worry about a classmate of a co-worker looking to steal your food. This hilarious invention is truly a genius work of art.

The Dogbrella

Have you ever felt bad for your pooch while walking in the rain? This dog umbrella helps to protect dogs from rainfall and can be easily placed on their heads for their safety.

Weight Watch Belt

If you ever feel the need to watch your weight, this invention is for you. The weight watch belt could help you maintain your figure as it alerts you to the size your waist is with clear measurements on the belt.


This BendDesk is the perfect invention for people who need to spend hours of work on their tables and laptops. Hopefully, this technological invention becomes cheaper in due time. It is truly a master 2010 invention that will break boundaries.

Quantum Teleporter

If you are a Star Trek fan, then this invention will drive you crazy. This quantum teleport allows you to be in plural places at the same time. This is not magic but just complicated science.

Virtual Keyboard

Bluetooth technology now allows you to make use of this virtual keyboard. Now you can never say you forgot your keyboard. A simple yet innovative invention that everyone will use in no time.