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Job Options After 12TH | 5 Roles To Consider

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It is never an easy decision for students to make up their minds about which field they want to build their career in. There are so many options available these days. In most cases, after completing 12th standard, students go for relevant bachelor’s courses that will help enhance their knowledge further. Many go for a master’s as well.

However, in today’s dynamic world, youngsters are more interested in getting a job and earning money instead of studying further. Gone are the days when jobs were limited to people holding bachelor’s or master’s degrees. With the rise in demand, there are plenty of options available for 12th pass students.

Here is a compilation of the most widely available jobs for 12th pass students.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPOs have gained success over a short period of time and now, it is one of the most flourishing sectors in India. The best part is that even with minimum qualifications, BPOs provide many opportunities for 12th pass students. BPOs jobs have emerged as one of the most popular choices for youngsters.

Mainly because it provides good pay with minimum requirements. The starting pay at a BPO is 13k per month, minus the incentives as well as other benefits. There are many international BPOs that have night shifts. The pay scale for such cases is much higher. Of course, with experience also, the pay scale is bound to rise. 

Police Constable

Each year the police department releases a bunch of vacancies. Believe it or not, there is a job post in the police department that you can apply for after 12th. It is the post of a constable.

Granted, you need to be physically fit and mentally strong to apply for the post. But as a fresher, you can easily earn 15-20k per month. Moreover, the future prospects of this job are also high with many chances for salary increments and timely promotions. 


Those who have the vision to live in a better world, working in NGOs could be a good career possibility for you. Not everyone working at an NGO is a volunteer. You can easily work as a professional.

However, the entry-level salary of an NGO is not more than 5-8k per month. But the learning opportunities are endless. Moreover, 5-6 years of experience you can earn a salary of more than 50k per month.  


If you have a flair to sell anything, have great communication as well as negotiation skills, then working in Sales is the right option for you. Sales is a wide and diverse field. Companies are always in search of candidates who can sell and promote their products successfully.

Working for bigger companies provides the advantage of great exposure and a fulfilling career graph. As a fresher, you can easily earn somewhere between 10-12k in hand plus incentives. 


Photography Job is a highly creative and diverse field. You can be a fashion photographer, wildlife photographer, event photographer, journalist, etc. In this field, however, work experience is really important.

As a fresher, it is best to work under a specialist as a paid intern. It can help you in gaining experience as well as opportunities to learn a lot. The initial pay might range somewhere between 10-15k and lesser as an intern. But with experience, this pay can go up to 40-50k per month.