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Stunning Facts About The Revolutionary Boeing 787-9!

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Boeing 787 is a blessing for those who don’t like long and noisy traveling. It came to the picture when it flew in 2009. This giant body is adorned with several new stunning features that make the ride even more memorable. The features include relieving lights, luxurious atmosphere, highly advanced technology and many more. 787 has been launched as a replacement for 747. The plane can accommodate a great number of people. It is like a breath of fresh air to the airplane lovers, it successfully replaces 747 an aircraft that has a lot of distinguish features. If this much of description is startling you then believe it is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to it that you would surely love to know. Just read out about this magnificent model that gives inspiration to many airplane designers.

Nothing Like Anything!

The Boeing 787-9 made its debut at Farnborough air show. This aircraft has made the long distance traveling very bearable as it takes only 20 hours to cover the long distances. It has 54,500 pounds maximum take-off weight. The Airbus is capable of carrying 280 passengers in three-class arrangements that stretches to 14,140 km. The number of seats in the 787-9 outnumbers the seating number of  787-8 that falls short of 40 seats. Though the plan to get it into service started from 2010 it had its first commercial flight in 2014 in which it journeyed from Auckland to Sydney. Prior to that, it flew for the first time from Paine Field in 2013.

Display At Farnborough Airshow

The Farnborough Airshow which is an international air show was the place where 787 was put on display before its running. The airplane showed stability and strength of the design. The most amazing fact about the plane is that it did not make any noise while flying high in the sky during the show. What hypnotized the audience was its steep climbs, tight banking and smooth landing. No doubt, It succeeded in winning the heart of every viewer with its remarkable features and flying skills. Farnborough Airshow is an event where major aerospace demonstrates their flying skills to the public. The event spawns for a week. 

The Ultimate Test!

787 pulled off an ultimate wing load test in 2010. In order to perform the test, the airframe of aircraft was loaded with the pressure that amounted to 150 percent of extreme force any airplane would have ever borne while being in service. The examination saw the wings of the aircraft moving upward by approximately 25 feet. The test took over two-hour to complete and every movement of the wings was closely watched by the officials. All important facts and facets of the aircraft were also monitored during the test. Apparently, the test gave positive results and we got one more amazing flight service commenced in the aerospace world.

Packed With An Unusual Cockpit!

It is also equipped with “fly-by-wire” control system that shares a similar design with Boeing 777. The cockpit of the Boeing 787 has many things in common with its previous models. It has been done intentionally to make it easy for the piolets to get familiar with this model. Along with that, it’s flight deck also has LCD multi-function displays that use industry standard Graphical Interface Widget Toolkit. The deck also has two heads-up displays as a standard feature. The cockpit has two yokes, one in front and the second in the center for the captain and first officer respectively. 

A Boon For Pilots!

The Boeing 787  also consists of Head-Up Display. HUD is very helpful for the pilot as it enables them to gather data without getting deviated from their usual viewpoints. The instrument is called head up because it makes a pilot look for information by having his head angled up instead of angling down percieving the down held equipment. It is advantageous in many ways as it does not require the pilot to refocus its view for distant things after looking at the optically nearer equipment. This instrument installed in the Boeing brings it at par with the military aircraft.

Features Shaping Future Of Aerospace!

The Shark-Fin Nose of aircraft is the product of an experiment done by its manufacturer. Naturally, It is the first aircraft to have shark-fin nose design. The good thing is that it got very successful. It has a downward slope that shares more similarity with the Concorde rather than the Boeing 777. Though it was highly anticipated that 787 will have the same design as its previous aircraft Boeing 777, designers were looking for something more impressive and stronger. Hence, they came up with this Shark-Fin Nose design that indeed gathered lots of accolades. The design also bears resemblance with Boeing 757.   

Amazing Combination Of Engines!

Boeing 787 is an advanced level of Boeing 767. It has General Electric and Rolls-Royce engines both. That makes it more fuel efficient as it saves 20 percent more fuel than the Boeing 767. The 787 is more efficient than its fellow aircraft as it has the ability to fly further than its predecessors, consequently, unleashing over 50 new non-stop routes around the world. The credit of its unparalleled speed should also be given to its lightweight wings and constructions. Another important fact is that it is the first commercial aircraft that has a fuselage constructed of large one-piece barrel sections made by carbon composite material.     

First Flight!

It was in 2004, that Boeing declared that it is going to take two engines in use that is Rolls-Royce and General Electric. The first model of Boeing 787-9 is equipped with Rolls Royce engines. Roll Royce manufactures engines for aircraft like Boeing and Airbus widebodies. During its maiden and first commercial flight, Boeing 787 used Rolls Royce engines only. Roll Royce is a turbofan engine that is primarily manufactured in Britain. The deal was sealed at $1 billion. Rolls-Royce maintains that it burns 3% lower fuel related to other engines.

The Impressive Qualities Of Window!

787s is special in every possible way. It comes with 19 inched windows that are bigger in size than any other planes’. Just not that it is also 65% larger in size and has the dimming effect. The effect is acquired when an electrified gel is put between two thin pieces of glasses. The gel gets darker when the electric current enhances and lightens vice versa. The best part is that the whole process is digital and one can tint the window by simply pressing it. Furthermore, the research partners are contemplating on adding more features to the window that might include automated brightening of portal while taking off and would go dim at night.

Creating The History!

Now comes the most astonishing fact! This fuel-efficient airplane can make some really extraordinary movements in the sky. Though it begins with a normal takeoff, it ascends up in the sky in a near vertical fashion. Isn’t that cool?It makes it the first ever flight to pull off such aerial stunts that also keeps in the tight turns and swift speed. The aircraft displayed its special feature at the same airshow. The feature no doubt is brow raising but is also the reason of worry for the prospective passenger. If it’s bothering you then let me tell you this is not the way it would take off when the flight will have passengers. Look at the video and try to believe that it is really happening.

Why Is It So Comfortable?

Another feature that makes it the talk of the town is its way of measuring true air pressure. The 787-9 is housed with coiled tubing that goes from its black portion and compares the true air pressure with different levels of pressure surrounding the plane. Unlike conventional aircraft, the cabin pressure is enhanced to the 6,000 feet. Electrically driven is the tool by which cabin air pressurization is controlled. It puts out the cool heated air before the wind makes its entry into the plane. It also permits 15 percent humidity. The traditional method to regulate it is engine bleed air. It is done to increase the comfort level of passengers.

One Of Its Kind!

There is a good news for those who complain about the unbearable noise the airships make while taking off. 787-9  does not make much noise while flying. It happens because of its unique shape at the exhaust. It is said that it makes noise less than 60% while journeying as compare to other airplanes. That will immensely help the passengers who do not get enough sleep due to the constant roaring of engines. The designers always had this in their mind. They wanted to make this model less noisy. It is equally a matter of relief for those who reside in the path of the plane. It is a perfect combination of comfort and quietness.

Plane In Blue!

The aircraft that is laced with top facilities like big rooms for passengers, large and automatic windows, less noise making engine and yeah, the sole talent of making vertical takeoff, deserves equally impressive outlook. Boeing 787-9 has been embellished with a fresh beautiful paint. That makes the plane beautiful enough to click a picture with or a selfie. Who would not like to have a picture with such a highly efficient machine? It ranks on the list of most advanced technology laced airplane in history. The plans are to draw it further towards the perfection by adding more advanced types of equipment to it.

Randy Neville

Captain Randy Neville is the one who led 787-9 during the tests and demonstrations. Neville stepped into Air Force in 1976. He took his pilot training in Williams AFB and joined Air Defense Weapons Center’s 95th Fighter-Interceptor Training Squadron. He later went to 57th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron at Keflavik NAS, Iceland. In 1996 he got retired from the airforce. But his ambition refused to subside and in 2005, he got himself associated with an engineering test pilot with the test program of 787 Dreamliner. You might not be knowing that he also has served as the technical adviser in the much-celebrated superhero movie “Hulk.”

Made Up Of Best!

The Boeing 787 is the first aircraft that has used composite materials in its airframe and in its primary structure. It is a long-haul medium-sized widebody that has been made of best available material. The airframe consists of half carbon fiber made plastic and other composites. This is the reason why this aircraft is much lighter in weight as compared to other Boeing airplanes. It is estimated that the 787 has 20% lesser weight than the traditional aluminum designer ones. The amazing thing is that this comparatively light aircraft has the capability of accommodating about 335 passengers. There is a lot of more stupefying facts about this aircraft.

Why So Wowsome!

Needless to say that 787 is a highly advanced airliner. We already have mentioned many special features of it that surpasses other airlines. It provides more space, provides us the opportunity to view more things as it has wider windows, It is also equipped with air filters that would not make you suffocate at least. It also has fancy LED mood lights. The lights gradually transform in different color throughout the day and night. If you feel like sitting back and relax a bit you can have lavender light in your service and is about to have your food than you can switch to the orange-tinted light. The pilots of  Boeing 777 are permitted to fly 787 also as they both share the same rating.


The Giant 787 is the contribution of many countries as it is made of parts brought from different countries. Whereas the wingtips are imported from Korea, Movable Trailing Edge is the contribution of Austrailia, Canada, and the U.S. The Horizontal stabilizer traces its originality to Italy, Passenger entry door and Landing Gear Structure came from France, Japan exported the Lithium-ion batteries, Main landing gear wheel well, Fixed trailing edge, and wing. The engines Roll Royce, General Electric along with engine nacelles, fixed and movable leading edge and the tail fin is manufactured in the U.S. The Wing body fairing is brought from Canada. These all parts are assembled in the Boeing Everett Factory in Washington.

Memorising That Historical Night!

With the largest window ever it would be fun to see the eclipse from the Boeing 787. The passengers boasted about the moment when they got a chance to witness the eclipse through its window. The 787 provided them with a protective glass to see the eclipse safely. The special service was provided to the passengers who aboard the flight of London-to-Miami. It surely would have been an amazing experience to watch the eclipse from this much of high altitude. The passengers who got to watch the eclipse called it a brilliant sight.

The Day It Took Off!

Airplane with so many unique features is bound to be successful. It is true that initially, the aircraft had an unfavorable beginning with engine fires, it soon compensated it with its special features. From there on, it only soared high in terms of success. It debuted as a commercial flight on October 26, 2011. All Nippon Airways operates this plane. It is also adopted by Air New Zealand. It may interest you to know that As of November of the year, there are 67 customer airlines who ordered 1,287 of it. The fever of this plane is yet to be down among the aircraft lovers.

Not A Favourable Debut!

This highly successful aircraft got off on a wrong foot as it embroiled itself into controversies at that time. Once the lithium-ion batteries of the plane caught fire in the air. The incident took place at Boston’s Logan International Airport where a crew member spotted the smoke emitting out of aft cabin of Boeing 787. After looking into the aft electronic equipment bay it turned out that batteries for the 787’s auxiliary power unit had caught the flame high that could not be doused even with the fire extinguisher. Naturally, it tainted its image and hence in the United States, all the 787s were ordered to be grounded. It met the same fate in all over the world. However, they flew again but with a reformed design.

Airbus VS Boeing!

The competition between Boeing and Airbus is going on since 1990. Airbus whereas is a multinational European company, Boeing hails from America. Due to the intense competition, they share a bitter relationship with each other. Both the companies allege each other for taking unfair advantage from their respective government. It would be right to say that Boeing 787 is the consequence of that rivalry. In order to offer a stronger competition to Airbus’ A380 that can house about 800 passengers, Boeing came up with its 787. A380 is indeed a very impressive and big plane but it is 787 that takes the prize.

Flying Luxury House!

Along with being spacious, the plane is also a flying luxurious house. The plane that spawns to 9,800 miles has everything a person desires. The credit to design the amazing interior of the plane goes to Kestral, Pierrejean Design Studios, and Greenpoint Technologies. It took almost two and a half year for its interior to get ready.Whereas,  A380 is equipped with sleeper cabins, cocktail lounges, and gym. The plane was built mainly for the elite population whereas 787 focussed more on the average coach passenger. Consequently, 787 took a lead over A380 and the situation has so worsened for the later, that the manufacturer of is considering its shut down.

Incredible Ballast Tanks!

Did you know that the Boeing consists of massive water tanks of 7,000 pounds of water that can be distributed into its ballast tanks? Yeah,  It is done to test varying weight distribution situations. We all know that water tanks are the key element of any giant aircraft. The reason behind keeping the ballast tanks is because of it, the 787 would be able to shift its weight by distributing water in these tanks. This giant aircraft has more unique features, click next to find out more about this fascinating enormous body.

Power Unit

Boeing has many unique features. We know about the extensive luxury it offers, comfort it provides and technology it advances in. There is one more aspect of it we are yet to touch, that is the 787 runs power near to the instrument that needs it. This is the first time, that an aircraft is not running power cables from a central electronic bay. It will surely prevent the messy situations that confuse the mechanics and pilots. It certainly is a Dreamliner that every passenger should experience it.

Wheels Steering Towards Controversies!

Boeing raked another controversy when one crew member got mowed under its wheel. In order to prevent such kind of accident in future, the designers equipped 787-900 with a semi-levered landing gear. The gear will provide protection from tail strikes. It does it by rotating over the aft wheels. The idea has been originated from 777-300ER. Till now, it has been proved beneficial as no major mishappenings have been reported post the installation of the instrument. No doubt, the plane has a lot to teach to the general airlines. 

Superjumbo Airplane!

A380 holds the prestige of being the largest airliner in the world. It is a double deck wide-body aircraft. Nicknamed as superjumbo its upper deck covers the full length of the fuselage. It provides 50 percent more floor space falling just behind Boeing. It offers seats for 555 passengers in standard three-class configuration. The airliner is so huge in size that the airports had to expand its space in order to accommodate it. Singapore Airlines made it have its first commercial flight in October 2007.

Motto Behind Calling It 787?

Apart from the interesting facts regarding its technology and luxury, we also have one fact that pertains to its nomenclature. The Boeing 787 was initially named 7E7 in which E meant “efficiency” but Boeing changed its mind and decided to adhere to the long-running tradition, hence named it 787. They preferred not to take the risk as it is generally believed that people remember ascending number better than any other pattern. That is why the first model of Boeing is called 707 and the predecessor of 787 as 777. Another reason why they substituted E with 8 is that the digit is considered lucky in China and perhaps that’s why Chinese imported a great amount of 787s.

Boeing 787 has brought the first revolution in the world of airlines and it is certainly not going to be the last one. We can call it a trailblazer that will guide the designs that are yet to come.