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These Wonders Happen To Your Body If You Start Consuming Two Eggs A Day

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Own that dreamy long shiny hair with that chicken egg. Our hair is all silk protein namely “keratin protein” and to maintain these gorgeous long locks we need a high-quality protein our diet. Eggs incorporated in the diet gives you natural biotin and vitamin B12 which are beneficial for healthy shiny hair. Also, not only in diet but eggs can be applied raw with honey onto your scalp and will leave you with smooth and shiny hair. Use the entire egg for conditioning your hair especially dry hair and preferably use only egg whites to treat oily textured hair.

A Radiant Skin

Let’s look sixteen with just two eggs. That’s interesting! Albumin which is the egg white is believed to tighten your skin pores providing you with a healthier wrinkle-free skin due to its astringent properties. This is thus believed to be a boost if you are looking for something which helps you get rid of that older looking skin.  Applying egg whites with a dice of lemon and honey will lend you a healthy-looking skin. Eggs also improve your skin’s texture be it oily or dry and makes for a blemish free skin. Egg whites also help remove the facial hair giving you lighter tone skin. So, women, just smash into those eggs and look young forever.

Sponge All Your Nutrients

Eggs behave like a sponge when it comes to absorption of nutrients. It sucks up all the nutrients and gives you a nutrient dense gut. Adding onto two cooked eggs in your meal will boost the overall nutrient absorption of your diet. A cooked egg makes for 91% absorption of nutrients while a raw one is only 51% absorption of egg white. Moreover, biotin is another component in the egg which combines with all other nutrients and enhances their absorption.

Anemia – Not A Worry

Be an Ironman with two eggs in your system early in morning. Nearly 6% of the content available in an egg is Iron, making it a good source of the same. Iron is needed for carrying oxygen to the cells in the body and helps prevents anemia caused due to iron deficiency. Also, the iron in an egg is in free form and is not bound with other parts and thus can be easily absorbed by the body. The signs and symptoms associated with it are no more a botheration. Egg keeps the red blood cells healthy and prevents pale skin and dizziness.

Adds Good Cholesterol to Your System

Consume on those eggs without any guilt! Cholesterol is primarily known for all the bad health issues. But very few of us aware that we have a term known as “good cholesterol namely HDL” and “bad cholesterol namely LDL”. Egg yolks are a good source of HDL. HDL is good for our heart health as it has benefits associated with cardiovascular diseases. Also, it doesn’t accumulate in our heart blood arteries and has no risks of heart attacks and heart strokes.  Also, it does not increase our bad cholesterol level and thus is safe for consumption.

Boosts Your Fertility

Are you tired of those negative pregnancy results? Give it another shot after incorporating just two eggs in your diet. Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available to us on plates. Its single-celled yolk can help you with your cell development. A balanced diet, rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins and minerals is all that you need for boosting up your fertility. Two eggs contain nearly all the vitamins and minerals and a good portion of calories which will suffice the daily requirements needed for a healthy reproductive health and fertility.

A Healthier Pregnancy Phase

Be sure of your developing egg’s safe mental health with just two Eggs in your diet. Eggs are a good source of folate. This nutrient helps in maintaining and building new cells. Folate also helps in preventing a certain kind of anemia and neural tube defects in babies in the womb. Pregnant ladies are given folate supplements to prevent complexities at the time of birth and to save the fetus from developing serious birth defects. Consumption of eggs during the first trimester of pregnancy is thus beneficial.

PMS – No More a Headache

Women, I have got a permanent solution to the universal problem of PMS and the followed symptoms. Chew onto those eggs and set free of the monthly bloating stomach, cramps, mood swings. Eggs are rich in Vitamin D, B6 and E. A study shows that a diet rich in these nutrients can prevent the brain to release chemicals associated with PMS symptoms. Eggs contribute to hormone building blocks by ensuring timely release and formation of enzymes.

Age Will Just be a Number

Age will just be a number when you include two eggs in your diet. With eggs on your plate, flush off those aging cells on your face. Eggs contain selenium, a mineral which works with Vitamin E in your body and provides for antioxidant type properties. These components fight with anti-degenerative bodies and free radicals and help in preventing the breakdown of tissues. Signs of aging like wrinkles and freckled, dry skin patches will no longer be a botheration if you have two eggs in your meal.

Healthier Thyroid Gland

Obesity accompanies Thyroid often. But don’t worry about gaining on those unwanted fat cells due to a medical condition. Eggs are a good source of selenium which is necessary for the proper functioning of your thyroid gland. No other organ in the body contains selenium in the quantity in which thyroid gland contains.  A healthy thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism and growth and development of tissues along with hormones.

Gives You A Fuller Abdomen

We have often heard the common saying, “Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Beggar”. But most of us are unable to follow this as we feel hungry often and after a short time span only. Give it a try again, but with two eggs in your breakfast this time. Eggs are heavy on Protein side and therefore makes you full for a longer time. They take longer to digest and thus, the feeling of satiety is for a longer duration. You don’t feel like munching those extra calories on a regular period.

Reduces Inflammation

Get rid of those stubborn cramps, swelling, itching, and toxicity in your gastrointestinal tract with just two eggs. Eggs are lighter on the carbs front and therefore can easily be digested and is light on your digestive system. They make an easy passage in your intestine and helps in the easy flush of the substances. The chances of painful sores in your gut are least with eggs.

Fatigue Free Days

Are you tired of working at your desk just after a few hours? Have you been pointed out for slow work performances and poor efficiency? Then start consuming eggs in your diet and boost your physical performance. Proteins keep your muscles sharp and in turn, makes for stronger resiliency, efficiency and for an active concentration and cognitive abilities. Fatigue is primarily caused due to poor muscle health, and eggs support your muscles making them stronger which in turn keeps you active at work.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Relieve yourself from the unhealthy stress and anxiety. Stay a happy stress-free life with Eggs. Well, that makes eggs a must on your menu. Potassium is ideal for destressing yourself as they lower and stable your adrenaline hormones and calms you down. Two Eggs contains nearly 320 mg of potassium which is way too good for a chill-out, the next time you panic.

Say Bye to Baldness

Are you looking for remedies that might foster your hair growth and prevent your serious hair fall?  Two Eggs are all you need. Applying eggs especially the egg yolk on your scalp boosts your hair follicles making them stronger and nutrient dense. They promote hair growth leading to stronger hair fibers which are not prone to easy breakage and damage. Your hair will appear a little fuller and might also appear to be growing fast.

No Poorer Metabolic Syndrome

Are you 40+ and skipping meals? Majority of the 40-year-old plus population alter their diets after reaching this age. They have a bloated stomach, cramps and even gastric issues due to decreased physical activity and increased calorie intakes. Eggs are believed to lower the risks associated with metabolic syndromes. Eggs increase your metabolic rate and give you a healthier digestive system. So, include in those two eggs a day and munch without crunch.

Stabilizes Your Blood Pressure

Don’t panic the next time you face symptoms of low sugar levels. Eggs are a rescue to diabetes patients when they are facing low sugar levels. The next time you tremble, are anxious, nervous and sweat due to your suddenly falling blood sugar, just bump into an omelet. Doctors recommend an intake of sodium and potassium in such situations. Two eggs contain a good amount of both these minerals and can help you tackle such a crisis.

Gives Shinier Nails

It’s probably every girl’s dream to own those shiny looking strong nails which gives you that manicured look. So, girls here’s the solution. Instead of spending pounds on manicures just spend a few pennies on Eggs. They contain antioxism compounds that make your nails radiant and stronger. Give away on that old olive oil application trick and munch on eggs.

Might Prevent Sunstrokes

Don’t fear falling prey to that bright shining sun when you have those hens serving you a handy solution. Nearly, an egg weighing 53 g contains 65 mg of sodium. Sodium is taking a charge of the fluid balance in your body and exposure to high temperatures deteriorates your condition further. Apart from consuming fluids to fight strokes consuming two eggs will naturally add on to your body’s sodium deposits and can help you fight that sun.

Ensures Smooth Flow of Blood

You will be able to boil more of your blood on being annoyed if you have two eggs on your palette. That will probably give you a better stamina to fight. Proteins help in transportation and storage of various substances in our body. A major carrier hemoglobin transports oxygen to all the cells in our body. Have good quality protein to ensure a longer life.

Prevents Blood Clots

Most of us live a sedentary lifestyle these days, spending hours on gadgets with shots of beer and puffs of smoke. To continue on with such a lifestyle for a long time one must incorporate two eggs in their diet. Egg yolk contains certain macronutrients which prevent blood clotting in veins and spares you from medical condition namely” Thrombosis”.

Cleaner Kidneys

A  healthier renal system demands only two eggs on your menu. Renal diseases badly affect your waste disposition in the body. Chronic Kidney diseases may take you to bone and heart problems and anemia too. Protein in egg whites combat these issues and enhances the break down of substances. Having just an adequate amount of Protein your diet can be all good for your kidneys.

Detoxifies Your Body

Eggs can help your body detoxify and relax. They contain lecithin which protects the inner linings of your skin and helps your liver detoxify. Eggs prevent oxidation of various compounds in our body and can help to boost the performance of antibodies. Thus, consuming two eggs a day makes your body healthy and toxin free.

Stronger Conductivity of the Neurons

Have a sharp and instant impulse to your actions via stronger brain impulses. Potassium maintains the electrical conductivity of the brain and affects the brain functionality. Eggs have a fair amount of potassium which can fight epilepsy and associated risks. You own those strong impulses with just two eggs in your diet.

Is Good for Testosterone

All you men out there need not worry about the poor sperm health. Consume two eggs a day and you will have healthier future babies. Cholesterol in the egg has a similar structure to that of testosterone and can lead to healthier sperm production. Also, vitamin K and B complexes further help for the same. Incorporate two eggs into your diet and have healthy hormones.

Some Egg Recipes You Might Use

Here are some of the easiest ways in which you can add on to eggs in your diet.

  • Raw and Boiled Eggs
  • Poached and Fried Eggs
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Omletes
  • Egg Custards
  • Bakery Products
  • Egg Curries
  • Egg Rice

Munch on the super nutrient dense food and derive all these magnificent benefits of eggs. This small oval 200 g weighing food is all you need for a longer and healthier life.