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Try These Effective Exercises During Your Busy Schedule To Stay Fit!

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Where there’s a will, there is a way, and if there is no way there is always a few tricks you can try to get your work done. Those having a busy schedule often laments about their lack of time to work on their health. However, ignoring one’s health for anything in this world is not a wise thing to do. If you are one of those who do not get enough time to exercise due to your busy schedule, then here are the few tricks that you can take in use. They not only save your times but helps in an unbelievable way.

Waking Up Early

Early to bed, early to rise! Yes, if you want to maintain a good health, do follow this. Do you know when you wake up early, you wake up to several health benefits. Getting up early imbues a sense of positivity in you which lingers on throughout the day. Additionally, it leaves you with plenty of time to look after your health.

First Thing’s First

When you wake up in the morning, try going for a brisk 5-10 minute powerwalk in your neighborhood. The morning walk fills you with energy that keeps you fresh and active throughout the day. Early morning is the calmest time of the day that gives your mind a plenty of time to process everything.

In Between

If you’re working in an office or even from the comfort of your own home, try doing some quick push-ups between activities. Push-ups are a great help. Not only it keeps your heart healthy but also helps you achieve a good shape. One can go for pushups anytime. However, one should avoid doing this just after the meal.


Going to work? Maybe go for the stairs instead of the elevator. You can get a great glute workout while you’re at it. Not to mention that stair climbing is one of the best forms of steady state cardio. Those who want to stay fit always take to stairs. In case your office is located one of the top floors of lofty buildings, you can distribute your journey by taking stairs to some floor and then using the elevator.


Okay, if climbing the stairs is an uphill task for you then try this trick out. Even if you are strapped for time then you should make use of any free time you get, even the smaller ones. You can even get one of your exercises done while waiting for the elevator. Go for ab exercises at that time. Stand with relaxed knees. Then shrink the muscles surrounding your belly button and follow it up by stretching up your upper torso. Lastly, contract your buttocks for some seconds.

Make Calls

In place of sending emails and texts, try to reach the other end by making phone calls. You must be wondering why I asked you to make phone calls? Well, the reason is while making calls we usually roam around that for obvious reasons stimulates your internal system. While sending texts or emails you stick to your chair.

Hitting The Gym

Don’t sit idle during the lunchtime. Get out of your office and take a long walk. If that is the only free time you get, then you can utilize it by hitting the gym near you. It keeps your waistline under control and along with that refreshes you to take on your work.

See People on Their desk

A good connection among the colleagues is must for a sound work environment. And it can also help you in maintaining a good health. Go to your co-worker’s desk in order to meet them, so that you don’t stay stuck in your seats for longer hours.

Sports Events

Ask your boss to organize sports events in your office. Having sports activities not only boosts your energy but also refreshes your mind. Along with that your bond with your colleagues strengthens to a greater extent. It is only a win-win situation.

Park It Away

Try to park your car as far as you can from the place you are about to enter. We usually place our car somewhere near our office, store or any place in order to avoid the struggle of covering miles to get into that. However, that could be the obstacle between you and your ideal physique. Park your car far from your place so that you would have to undertake a long walk to get to that.

Going To the Store

Do buy groceries if you want to stay healthy! How many times do you go out to grocery shops in order to buy groceries? Not often, right! One should always keep one thing in mind that if they want to stay healthy they should go for a walk every day. What could be the best way than going out while finishing one of your work? Did you know you can burn 44 calories only by holding light groceries for 5 minutes?

Stuck Studying

If you’re a student stuck at home studying for an exam or even reading in a secluded corner at the library, you can try getting in a few bodyweight squats, in between chapters. This way you will remain focused throughout and have something to motivate you to finish your chapter requirements faster.

Channel Surfing

Watching TV at home? How about changing channels the old-school way, by getting up and pushing the buttons on the TV set, instead of using the remote. Remember, keep moving your body wherever possible. Even if you have remote sitting next to you, do walk up towards the TV and change the channel by pressing the button on the TV. These little efforts make a big difference!

Breaking Sweat in the Break

Ditch the prevalent notion that TV time is relaxing time! Instead of getting yourself plonked on your stuffy sofa and flipping channels during the break time, turn to your floor and do some exercises. You can do 20 squats, 10 push-ups, 5 burpees or 15 mountain climbers.

Clean It Up

Don’t rely on your maid, clean your house on your own. Not because your maid does all the work half-heartedly but because it can help you stay fit. Yes, you read it right! Sweeping, mopping and dusting can help you a great deal in maintaining your health.

Play With kids

Can you imagine! Kids can actually help you achieve your health goals. So, from now on, don’t scold your kids who want you to play with them. Instead, join them in their fun activities. It has been seen that people who spend some of their time playing with kids are often healthy. It can help you in two ways, firstly the company of kids keeps you active and secondly, it also keeps your mind fresh.

Have A Pillow Fight

Who says fighting is not good for your health! It is as far as it is limited to pillow fighting. This fun-filled activity is very good for your health. So every night do pillow fighting with your kids and your family. It increases your heart rate and laughs. The increased heart rate leads to better circulation of blood.

Walk The Dog

It is for your own good! Take your dog for a walk every evening. Not only that it channelizes your dog’s energy but also refreshes your mind. Additionally, taking a walk in the evening only adds up to your health benefits. Do not forget to take your dog on an evening walk.

Parenting While Exercising

Being parents is not an easy task, especially if you are parents to small fireballs. No need to say during the growing years, the kids are supposed to do as many physical activities as they can. If you too have your kids involved in any game and it is your responsibility to take them and bring them back to home. You can utilize that time by fitting your exercise into it. You can go for pump ups.

Home Away from Home

While traveling, try booking a hotel room situated at the higher levels. It also goes without saying that you should skip the elevator. This way you can get your heart rate up every time you walk up to your room. And also, the view from your window would be worth these efforts.

Flying Away

Stuck in the airport terminal between flights? Go for a walk through the duty-free zone and shops. Try walking around in the terminal instead of sitting down while waiting for the gates to open. You may learn a lot of new things about the airport getting your calories to burn easily.

Walk On Your Feet

Moving carpets are bliss! Yes, they are if you are done with your share of exercises but if not, then they are nothing less than a bane for you. Instead of using “moving carpets” opt for walking on your own. You can undertake a walk in order to travel from concourse to concourse.

Out And About

If you’re out with friends or at a restaurant, while sitting down, try doing some calf raises. It might not look like it, but after a few minutes, your heart rate will begin to elevate, not to mention the fat- burn on your calves will be tremendous.

Love is in the Air

Tired of those ancient ways of going on dinner or coffee on your first date. Ok then make it more interesting, make it more pro-health. If you’re going on a date, why not set up an active hang out. Try going on a bike ride together with your partner, or maybe a walk in the park. How about roller blades or scooter riding? There are numerous possibilities.

Dance to the Rhythm

Who does not like throwing their hands and legs in the air! Dancing can burn up to 250 calories in just a few songs time. Put those earphones to good use and crack it down on your favorite beat while on your leisure time. So, break a leg!


Before bed, if you have some energy left after the hectic schedule, start doing some burpees on your bedside. It will squeeze out some extra burnt calories and will drain that extra energy out if you’re not really tired enough to sleep.



Why don’t you use a bicycle? If your office is not that far from your home, try to use a bicycle to reach your workplace. Not only it would help you save the money that you spend in filling your car with petrol, it also helps you get back to shape. Cycling is very good for your heart health.


How can we forget the weekends? The only good feeling days of every employee in the world. I know weekends are strictly no-work days but if you don’t want your health to leave your side then save at least an hour for exercise.

What If Not Willing

Ok! well these fit in tricks for those who actually want to exercise. If you are one of those people who wants to stay fit but does not want to work hard for that, then my friend these tricks are of no good for you. All you need for now is motivation. If you are worried about how are you going to invoke the motivation in you. Then, my friend, we will do that for you. Go through the next few slides that would help you transform your exercise time into the fun time.

Turn the Music On

If time is the best healer, then the music is the second-best healer. You might agree music enhances your emotions. You can motivate yourself by turning on energy infusing music while working out. Now you have found out the reason why gyms are resounded with loud music.


It is not mandatory you have to do tough exercises only. You can also go for fun-filled exercises like Zumba, cycling, aerobics and simple dance. What is important is that your whole of body engages in the activity you are undertaking.



Try to mix up with other people in the gym. A good understanding among the people would make you more comfortable in the gym and you won’t feel hesitant. Additionally, your new made friends could help you a lot in doing your exercises by giving you tips.

Reward Yourself

Yes! we know exercising is not an easy thing it takes a hell of efforts, time and willingness. And if you are one of those people who do exercise every day then you surely deserve a reward. Get yourself some reward after completing a certain target you set for yourself.

Sign Up for an Event

If you find it hard to get inspired then pressurize yourself. Get your name registered in any local event and work for that. It has been seen any work tied with a goal leads to better results. The events may include sponsored walks, fun runs and many more.

Fitness Apps

Your phone must be brimming with apps, include one more. Get the fitness apps on your phone. There are many apps that help you keep a check on your day-to-day fitness level. Download one of them and feed all the required details into it. Then start checking your fitness progress.

Track Success

Do track the success you have achieved by noting the total minutes at the end of every week, year and month. It will help you to keep a track of your fitness success. It has been seen that the pace of improvement varies from person to person. One might note changes within a week for some it will stretch up to months.


You can enter into a competition with any of your friends. The competition will be held on the fact who achieves their fitness target first. You won’t believe but coming into a competition with friends fires up someone’s desire to achieve the goal before the other could.

Get Inspiration

Inspiration makes everything easier. If you are so willing to work on your physique, then there must be someone who you admire most. If not, then find your inspiration as quickly as you can as that would encourage you even more.

Begin With Easy Ones

Do not hop on to the tougher activities. Start with the easy ones or the ones you enjoy doing. Ones you are confident about those steps, only then advance to the tougher ones. Do things step by step and you would reach your aim. The other drawback of beginning with the difficult ones is that you would lose all your interest.

Adventure Cum Exercise

You can go hiking with your friends. Yes, this is something adventurous as well as pro-health. You must have gone traveling a lot of times with your friends and would have seen a tremendous change in your weight. Going on adventurous trips with your friends makes up for a very good exercise.